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Virtual Office Hours

Third Grade
Mrs. Blancho Monday-Wednesday 11:00-11:55    
Mrs. Bell Tuesday, Thursday 10:00-10:30    
Mrs. Cave Wednesday 11:00-11:55    
Mrs. Reiner Monday-Wednesday 11:00-11:55    
Mrs. Synowsky Monday, Wednesday 10:00-10:30    
Mrs. Watson Monday-Wednesday 11:00-11:55    
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Barner Tuesday, Thursday 11:00-11:30    
Mrs. Castaneda Monday, Wednesday 11:00-11:30 Mon.-Fri. 4:00
Mrs. Lockhart Tuesday, Thursday 11:00-11:30    
Mrs. Hale Monday, Wednesday 11:00-11:30 Mon.-Fri 3:45-4:15
Mrs. Gray Tuesday, Thursday 11:00-11:30 Mon.-Fri 3:45-4:15
Mrs. McDonald Monday, Wednesday 11:00-11:30 Mon.-Fri 4:00- 4:30
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Brawner Monday, Wednesday 1:45-2:15    
Mrs. Davis Monday, Wednesday 1:45-2:15    
Mrs. Anderson Monday, Wednesday 1:45-2:15    
Mrs. Shupick Monday, Wednesday 1:45-2:15    
Mrs. Brown Monday, Wednesday 1:45-2:15    
Mrs. Lewis Monday, Wednesday 1:45-2:15    
Sixth Grade
Mrs. Beaty Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-9:30    
Mr. Bouyer Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-9:30    
Mrs. Graham Monday-Friday 8:00-8:30 Mon.-Fri. 10:00
Mrs. Jackson Monday, Wednesday 10:00-10:30 Tuesday 7:35
Mrs. LeJeune Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30-9:00 Mon.-Thurs. 3:45
Mrs. Newberry Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-9:30 Tues., Thurs. 3:45
Special Education & Dyslexia
Mrs. Kelly Tuesday, Thursday 3:00-3:30    
Mrs. Martin Monday, Wednesday 2:00-2:30    
Mrs. Bond Monday, Wednesday 10:00-10:30    
Mrs. Cullum Tuesday, Thursday 9:55-10:30    
Mrs. Thedorf Tuesday, Thursday 1:00-1:30    
Mrs. Moore Wednesday, Friday 8:05-8:35    
Mrs. Miller Monday-Thursday 2:35-3:00    
Mr. Daily Tuesday, Thursday 1:00-1:30    
Mrs. Norrell Monday, Wednesday 3:00-3:30    
Coach Cole Monday-Thursday 2:35-3:00    
Mrs. Garnett Monday-Thursday    

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Follow this link to read a traffic pattern update from

Mrs. Lane and Mr. Hudson>>>>>>Traffic Pattern Update

School Start Times: 

  • Elementary   7:50-3:20
  • Intermediate 7:55-3:25
  • Junior High   8:00-3:30
  • High School  8:05-3:35





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heart award

Brock ISD announces the BISD Heartbeat Award! Take a few minutes to nominate BISD teachers and staff who display heart as they go above and beyond their job description, inspiring others through their extraordinary work ethic and giving it their all each and every day.

BISD Heartbeat Awards will be announced monthly throughgout the school year, and nominations can be submitted by students, staff, parents and the Brock community.

Please follow the QR Code to let us know how your student will be picked up so we can plan. Thank you!



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