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6th Grade Science

6th grade Science is a topical course that deals with both physical and life Science.

Topics in the course include:

The Nature of Science – This section deals with an introduction to the scientific method. Theories and laws are differentiated. Concepts such as variables, hypotheses, and predictions are discussed. The steps of the scientific method are explored.

Measurement and Data – How to represent data in organized ways is the focus. Both line and circle graphs are presented. An introduction to lab equipment and lab safety.

Matter – What is matter? This topic explores atoms from their subatomic particles to the physical and chemical properties they give to substances. Pure substances, mixtures, compounds and elements are discussed.

Energy, Motion and Forces – An introduction to energy includes temperature, thermal energy, and machines. Motion, speed and acceleration of falling and linear bodies are calculated. 

Energy Resources – This deals with natural resources both, renewable and non renewable are studied.

Minerals and Rocks – The rock cycle is examined and labs to support identification of the three classes

The Dynamic Earth – Discusses the layers of the Earth and plate tectonics. The topics include Mountain building, volcanoes and earthquakes.

The Solar System – Historical models are examined. Gravity is emphasized as a controlling factor in the development of systems. The sun and each of the planets are discussed.

Space Exploration – This includes the history of space exploration and the plans for future explorations.

Organisms and Environment – This is mostly about cells, classifications of living things and introduces ecology.










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